Cutting-Edge Email Service

The easiest and fastest way to transform your business is to use a personalized email address with your own domain name ( This simple change will significantly improve the perception that customers, suppliers, and partners have of your business.

Price in $ USD

Price in EURO €


$45 / Yearly
  • 1 Email Account 5 GB capacity
  • 2 GB Online Disk
  • Domain Registration / Renewal
  • Email + Calendar + Contacts + Tasks
  • WebMail Access
  • Double Factor Authentication 2FA
  • Antispam Protection
  • Document Viewer (Office)


$75 / Yearly
all included in basic plan plus
  • 3 Email Accounts 10 GB capacity
  • 15 GB Online Disk
  • Mobile Synchronization (contacts, calendar, tasks)
  • Text Editor (word)
  • Spreadsheet Editor (excel)
  • Presentation Editor (powerpoint)
  • Collaborative Tools


$99 / Yearly
Communication Suite
advanced cloud application
  • 3 Email Accounts
  • 1 Domain Registration / Renewal
  • 10 GB of Online Disk
  • Computer & Mobile Access
  • Chat and Video Call
  • Anti SPAM Protection
  • Daily Backup

Even if email communication is not currently a key aspect of your business, our service offers additional benefits. For example, the ability to conduct chats or video calls, share documents and streamline your daily tasks from a single application, improving the efficiency with which you manage your day-to-day operations.

The professional email service offers advanced security measures to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of your communications and data, including spam protection and anti-phishing filters.

Of course, personalized support is included for the duration of the contract. Answering your questions and guiding you to make the transition and adaptation to the new tools as easy as possible.

Beyond Just a Classic Mailbox

Advanced Cloud Suite Advanced Cloud Suite

Advanced Cloud Suite

This tool integrates email, online storage, chat, and video conferencing into a unified application.

Communicate efficiently with customers, suppliers, and team members, share files, and safeguard your data, all within a single location.

Revolutionize your Business Communications

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