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Our all-in-one solution empowers you to manage your accommodation with ease, regardless of its size or turnover. With our integrated Internet Booking Engine (IBE), you can bid farewell to commissions and overbooking headaches.

With our IBE seamlessly integrated into your website, you can personally manage reservations without any hidden fees or third-party commissions.

Bookings made through your website or any other platforms are automatically tracked and recorded in your control panel. This means you can manage your customers and financial data with complete security and privacy.

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Our feature-rich solution offers you a comprehensive platform to manage your reservations with ease.

You can eliminate monthly fees and commissions for good. Our integrated management system allows you to efficiently handle reports, invoices, reservations, scheduled reminders, and user data registration for authorities.

Visual control panel offers a hassle-free way to manage arrivals, check-ins, and check-outs.

Availability calendar enables you to set prices, extra services, promotions, and more.

We prioritize the security of your payment transactions and offer you the option to process payments through the most trusted payment gateways.

Installed on your website, under your own domain. You only pay a single annual fee, with no commissions or fees.

With optional Channel Manager, you can effortlessly manage availability, rates, and reservations across multiple platforms from a single site.

Visual calendar lets you receive bookings directly from your website. You can view these bookings in your control panel and even add manual bookings.

Manage reservations, open and close accommodations, and apply customized rates with a simple click. You can update check-ins and check-outs from your control panel, and these changes are instantly reflected on your website and platforms in real-time.

Online form lets you generate guest registration documents in PDF, complete with customer signature, ready to be submitted to authorities where this type of registration is a legal requirement.

Visual tracking system offers a quick overview of past, present, and future bookings, as well as accommodation availability.

For accommodations with multiple rooms, our system allows you to easily assign guests to specific rooms and move them from one room to another with a simple "drag and drop."

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