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Cutting-Edge Email Service

Empowering Your Business Communication

Strengthen your business communications today

Choose the service that best suits your needs and take advantage of our exceptional support and services. Contact us to begin this exciting journey of improved communication and productivity.

Level 1: Basic Email

Get your own personalized email address associated with your domain
Choose from one to several email boxes, each with 1 to 15 GB of storage space. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of managing your emails with ease.

Level 2: Professional Email

Elevate your business communication with our professional email service
Benefit from increased storage capacity and seamlessly integrate productivity tools like online disk, office suite for text editing, creating spreadsheets, and designing presentations. Access your shared calendar and agenda from any device, whether it be your mobile phone or computer, for enhanced productivity.

Level 3: Advanced Communications Suite

This all-in-one suite will take your business communications to the next level.
Expand your communications capabilities In addition to customizable email accounts and storage capacity, you can also enjoy the convenience of in-app chats and video calls. Collaborate effortlessly by sharing your screen and documents during sessions.