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General Contracting Conditions

This document contains the general contracting conditions between Web3Hispano LLC and any person, legal entity or business ("Client").

These General Conditions are subject to any Particular Conditions established for the provision of a specific service or with a particular client.

These General Contracting Conditions refer to the contracting by the Client of the services offered by Web3Hispano LLC, among others:

  • Design, maintenance and hosting of web pages
  • Development or implementation of e-commerce applications or others aimed at improving the client's presence and activity on the Internet.
  • Consulting, education or training in any of the areas in which Web3Hispano LLC operates.

Payment methods

Web3Hispano LLC establishes the following payment methods for the provided services:

  • Bank transfer or other payment tools provided by the banking entities with which Web3Hispano LLC operates.
  • Via secure online payment gateways, using the payment tools established by the entities which provide the service (own funds, credit card, etc.).
  • By transfer of cryptocurrencies to the wallets identified by Web3Hispano LLC as its own.
  • Money orders and checks are not accepted.

Accepted currencies

As a general policy, Web3Hispano LLC operates and bills in U.S. dollars ($UDS), but due to the globalization of the services provided and in attention to customers located in countries or territories outside the United States of America, payment in the following currencies will be accepted on a case-by-case basis:

  • EURO (EUR €) for clients located in the European Union.
  • MEXICAN PESO (MXN $) for clients located in Mexico.
  • CRYPTOCURRENCIES (BTC [LN] — ADA — XMR — TON) for clients located in countries where the exchange rates of their local currency to the dollar fluctuate, or the international transfer is too expensive by the other means described above.

In all these cases, Web3Hispano LLC will indicate the amount to be paid in $USD and its equivalent in the client's currency.

The expenses of processing, conversion, transfer, or any other cost that the payment of the contracted services may incur , will be paid by the client. In no case may they be deducted from the amount of the service provided.

Refund policy

As a general policy, when dealing with online services, the payment of the same will be made prior to the provision of the service, acting as a reservation of place or time assigned.

Online services, such as training, consulting and advice, do NOT contemplate refund of the amount paid.

The payment of web design services is split as follows:

  • 50% upon contracting them as a deposit.
  • The remaining 50% will be paid once the client accepts the work done.

If the client is not satisfied with the work done, he can cancel the contracted service, without being refunded the amount paid as a reservation.

In the cancellation by the client of the contracted service, all materials, designs, and contents generated by Web3Hispano LLC will be considered property of Web3Hispano LLC for all effects and purposes.

Specific conditions for specific services or individual customers may be specified in the Special Conditions for the provision of the service established between Web3Hispano LLC and that particular Client.

Renewal of contracted services

As a general rule, the contracted services will be automatically extended once the contracting period is over, which is generally established as follows:

  • Web services (design, hosting, development, maintenance): 1 year.
  • Consulting, training, and advice: 1, 3, 6 and 12-month cycles.

Prior to the end of the contracted service, the Client will receive a message notifying the next expiration and automatic renewal, including in that message the indications to terminate the service if not wishing to renew it.

The non-explicit cancellation of a contracted service implies the automatic renewal of the service.

Cancellation of contracted services

The client may cancel the contracted services at any time by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The cancellation of the contracted services does not imply any refund of the amounts paid.

Modification of conditions and rates

Web3Hispano LLC reserves the right to modify contract conditions and rates at any time, either for its own interest or to respond to market circumstances.

Anyway, these changes will not affect the contracted services and will only be applied in the renewal of the services once the contracting cycle is completed. The customer will be notified of the new conditions and rates in the renewal message.